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Our founding fathers envisioned the future that we are living in today. That’s why they included the 7th amendment right to jury trial in our constitution. They recognized that there are benefits in the capitalistic economic model, but also a need for a vehicle to hold those in power responsible for their wrongdoing.

I became a trial lawyer to remind the wrongdoers, that if you don’t look at us like human beings, created equal, the community as the conscious of humanity and what is right-will.

Attorney Omid Rejali

I endeavor to make my community a better, safer, more loving, and caring place through understanding, empathy and love for each and everyone of my clients. A jury trial in my mind is the only venue where we as humans can be seen as equals against a corporation, the government, and our employers. I look forward to having the opportunity to stand up for you.

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Case Results



Our client received second degree burns when a McDonald’s employee failed to securely fasten the lid on a cup of coffee prior to handing it to her at the McDonald’s Drive through. McDonald’s refused to accept responsibility for two and half years and said our client is at fault.


Car Accident

Client was badly injured in a T-bone accident and suffered injuries to her hand and ribs.


Car Accident

Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck that became chronic. Defense admitted liability but denied the extent and cause of the injuries and reasonableness and necessity of treatment. Defense also denied our 998 offer to settle within policy limits of their insured for $100,000 sent on February 2018. Insurer was Wawanesa.

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100% Justice

Recognized for obtaining one of California’s Top 100 verdicts in 2019-(I understand how much your health means to you and will make sure that you obtain 100% justice)

No Win No Fee

There is no fee to sign up your case and you pay us absolutely nothing unless we win your case.

Family Treatment

To insurance companies YOU’RE a number to me YOU’RE family. (I recognize and appreciate the trust that YOU have put in me and my firm and will treat YOU like my own family).

  • Omid Rejali is by far one of the best attorneys in town. Your first impression will be that he is extremely honest, kind, and capable. He handled my mom’s personal injury case and did an incredible job. She previously did not have the best impression of attorneys, but he completely turned that around with his awesome skills and excellent results! I would highly recommend Mr. Rejali to anyone who needs a highly skilled attorney!

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    - Liz G.
    July 2017

  • Hired Omid Rejali to represent me in a complex fraud case (I was the plaintiff) He worked tirelessly and we won. He was efficient and caring the entire time. This was not an easy case at all and others would have charged an enormous amount of money to handle it . It went all the way through trial and we were victorious. A glorious day indeed. Omid Rejali wowed the jury in opening and closing arguments to get me justice!! Highly recommend. Dealt with other attorneys who only care about billing hours and creating unnecessary work. I will not use anybody else ever again.

    - American AF
    August 2019

  • Omid helped with a personal injury case when NO ONE else would because I was injured already for two years. He won FOUR times the amount what the insurance company offered me and fought hard for me. He is real and has heart. He even came for dinner one night to my house. I recommend him highly!!

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    - Jennifer
    February 2019

How We Can Help

Heres how we can help you during the claim process and beyond.

Doctor Referrals

The law allows for an injured person to treat outside of its insurance, even if they did carry insurance during their accident. If for whatever reason, you cannot get to a doctor because of the difficulties with your own insurance, we are happy to help. Luckily, there are many doctors that are willing to help you without any money up front. They will however get paid for their services once your injury claim gets resolved.

Obtaining All the Relevant Records

Relevant documents are anything that can show your injury and how it has impacted your life. They include: 1) Medical Records; 2) Medical Bills; 3) W-2 wage statements; 4) Photographs; 5) Prior jury verdicts on similar injuries; 6) Video Recordings of your doctors testifying. And anything else that could help the other side put a value on the harm they have caused.


Once you have completed treatment, or the doctors have provided you with a diagnosis and prognosis we will meet with you and an attorney will listen to make sure that all your medical needs have been taken care of. The more important reason for this meeting is to listen to you and to understand how the injuries have impacted your life. This meeting is crucial because it can help us better understand you so that we can better represent you.


The next step in the process is to try to negotiate with the insurance company in resolving your case prior to filing a lawsuit. Many factors come into play here. These factors can include the severity of your injuries; the impact they may have on your future earnings; the impact they may have on your enjoyment of life; the amount of your suffering; the amount of pain the injury causes and many more. We will negotiate on your behalf and will try to persuade the other side to be reasonable and to settle fairly.


If negotiations do not resolve in a resolution of your matter, then we will proceed to filing a lawsuit on your behalf. Lawsuits can be a very frustrating process. However, we will be here for you every step of the way.

At Rejali Law Firm, we go the distance. We understand how important your health is and the impact that it can have on your life when it is taken away from you through no fault of your own. We also understand that the journey to Justice is not an easy one and are here to guide you through it all.

Mr. Rejali has won TOP 100 verdict in California and has a passion to hold wrongdoers accountable and make the insurance companies pay. He believes that he’s been placed on this earth to make it a better place and will make sure you obtain justice.


Hear from our team about a variety of topics that could be helpful to you. We touch on all things concerning our practice areas, and hope to share insightful thoughts.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Not Settle Your San Diego Car Accident Case During the Pandemic

January 22nd, 2021

By Omid Rejali, Esq.

Insurance companies have become very bold during the pandemic with their unreasonable offers. That's because with no jury trials in sight they have no incentive to settle claims. Jury trials act as checks and balances against the insurance companies. Without them, the insurance company is taking advantage of the situation and attempting to offer unreasonably low offers in the hopes that because you may need the money now to accept their offer. Here are three reasons why you should not settle your San Diego Car Accident case during the pandemic.

1) You Will Certainly Get a Lower Offer

You will certainly get a lower offer of what the value of your case is. That's because insurance companies assess the value of your case based on risk. As your case generally gets closer to trial, the risk to the insurance company increases and so they generally offer you more money. Without the risk of a trial, there is absolutely no reason for them to offer you any reasonable amount.

2) The Insurance Companies Offer Will Likely Not Even Cover Your Medical Bills

I have been hearing from colleagues that the insurance companies have even taken on more bold moves by further disputing the amounts and necessity of the medical bills you owe as a result of something they have caused. This was always a problem, but now they are going to extremes and arguing for example if you owe $10,000 in medical bills to your doctors that they will only cover half of that. Again, they have become emboldened by the pandemic and the fact that there is no trial in sight.

3) Once Jury Trials Resume You're Case's Value Will Increase

On the flip side of what I am discussing, as soon as jury trials resume, which could be towards the end of 2021, the insurance companies will again assess their positions and will likely increase their offers. This of course hinges on the assumption that the attorney you have or hire is the type that is willing to take your case to trial and has done so in the past should that be necessary.

Don't let the insurance companies use the pandemic as an excuse to get away with the injuries their insured caused. I talk about the insurance companies, because they are the one's behind everything. The person who caused your injuries may be the direct cause, but the insurance companies are the one's that are running the show. Their insured (the person who caused the collision) has virtually no say in the outcome and has a responsibility to cooperate with his or her insurance, so they will cover him or her. In other words, they are also a pawn in the insurance companies game.

Hang in there. This too shall pass, and justice will prevail.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope this helps you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact my office at 619-887-4148, send us a text message to 619-485-6313, send me an email at or leave us a message here and we will get back to you.

Born to get you JUSTICE!


The Power of Patience and Resilience During Your Injury Claim

Personal Injury Pandemic Scams and How to Overcome Them

Settlement vs. Trial value of Your San Diego Car Accident Claim

This is a photo of a warning sign. The sign is yellow and black in color and has the letters "WARNING" written underneath the sign.

How San Diego Car Accident Settlement Mills Use You to Obtain Their Own Goals

January 14th, 2021

By Omid Rejali, Esq.

More and more I see and hear about settlement mill type law firms being introduced in our community. Although, not all firms are the same, it is extremely important to do your own due diligence prior to hiring a San Diego Personal Injury Firm. I would be happy to talk to you for free if you are considering hiring a personal injury firm in San Diego and want to know their reputation. First, let me begin by briefly explaining what a settlement mill firm is.

San Diego Settlement Mill Personal Injury Law Firms

These are firms that you typically see advertising extensively. Although, I will have to say not all firms that heavily advertise are considered a mill, there is one particular characteristic that most of them have in common-they look at you as an object, a means to obtain their own goals, which is to pocket as much money as possible based on your injury. Let me explain. There is absolutely no problem with making money. We are as personal injury law firms and attorneys ultimately businesses that operate to make a living.

However, what sets these mills apart is, they don't look at you and your case and injuries as human beings. They will look at you as an object. Much the same way the insurance company looks at you as an object. In operating their firms this way, they are more or less working for the insurance company instead of for you. They settle cases based on previous cases they have settled with the insurance company and sometimes even the same insurance adjuster, instead of assessing the human value of your losses and suffering, and the value that your case may have if it was presented to a jury.

Common Characteristics of These Firms

1) Don't Ever Meet With the Attorney Until Case is Resolved

Often times, with firms like this you don't know who your attorneys is, and they have paralegals, case managers and others handling your case, and sometimes even settling your case. This is problematic because the paralegals, case managers etc. do not know how to value a case.

2) Heavy Advertising

Settlement mills need to continuously advertise to be able to hit their goals. And by their goals I mean their numbers. They don't care about your case, what they care about is to make sure they hit the numbers that the people on top have decided on. To that end, if they have not met their first quarter goals and by settling your case, they will be able to hit that number-guess what? your case is getting settled even if the value of your case could have been extremely higher than what the insurance company had offered you.

3) They Generally Have Zero Trial Experience

The lack of trial experience makes these firms not know the true value of your case. More importantly, the lack of trial experience along with the reputation that these firms have, make them an easy target for the insurance companies. This is because they know, no matter what happens, the firm will settle the case and, this will significantly reduce the offer the insurance company will give you.

Bottom line is, you need to be extremely diligent in choosing the right San Diego Car Accident Lawyer for your case. It is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and, you want to make sure you choose an attorney who has your best interest in mind and looks at you as a human being with goals, dreams, feelings and desires, rather than an object to meet his or her own goals.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope this helps you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact my office at 619-887-4148, send us a text message to 619-485-6313, send me an email at or leave us a message here and we will get back to you.

Born to get you JUSTICE!

The photo depicts the words "truth." It is written in all Caps in black color. The photo seems to be of sand paper and has been peeled to show the words "TRUTH"

The Truth Has a Magical Way of Finding Its Way to Get You Justice

January 7th, 2021

By Omid Rejali, Esq.

In every case that I have been involved with, the truth has had a magical way of finding its way to obtain the client justice. As Nelson Mandela puts it: "No amount of rules or their enforcement will defeat those who will fight with justice on their side."

Many clients understandably are extremely nervous about their cases. This is a completely natural phenomena since its not the average day when you find yourself involved in a lawsuit, only because the insurance company is trying to protect its coffers. To that end, the insurance company and their attorneys, fake doctors and experts will come up with the wildest theories to put the blame on you. So, their default position is to blame you.

On a recent case, the insurance company accepted 100% responsibility for their driver's accident in San Diego. 2 years later, when it was time for them to pay, they chose to reverse that decision. Now, they are blaming the client for the accident and saying that she not only did not get injured in the accident, even if she did, she is exaggerating all of her injuries, and somehow her attorneys (me) am complicit in her case.

This is a strategy insurance companies take repeatedly, with the main goal to tire the client out, and be able to get her to accept half justice for something he/she has never caused.

In my experience, the truth always has a magical way of sneaking its head out at some point in the process. The unfortunate part is, it's usually not until the time of trial when that could happen. Reason is because until then, you are dealing with an insurance adjuster-whose primary job is to protect the coffers of money and, an attorney who has been hired to create a "manipulated" version of the facts.

Generally, the insurance company and their attorneys are successful at doing that, until they have to put their manufactured and manipulated facts in front of 12 members of our community. And the best part is, most the time, although they are extremely professional at doing their jobs (i.e. manipulating facts), the truth does not stick its head out until the entire trial has been over and the case goes in the hands of the jury.

It's at that time, and only at that time, that the 12 members of the community realize what they had put the client through with their preposterous ideas, manipulated facts, fake doctors and experts, and unfortunately even going as far as making their own client not tell the truth under oath.

The truth has a magical way of finding its way to get you justice. Don't give up. Hang in there.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope this helps you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact my office at 619-887-4148, send us a text message to 619-485-6313, send me an email at or leave us a message here and we will get back to you.

Born to get you JUSTICE!


Three Key Ingredient to Winning Jury Trials

The Power of Patience and Resilience During Your Injury ClaimDon't Let these

Insurance Company Traps Prevent You From Getting Full Justice for Your Injury Claim

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