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Car Accident

LAPD ran a red light and caused an accident with our client. She sustained injuries to her neck and back requiring surgery.

Slip And Fall Against Restraurant

Plaintiff Slipped and Fell when being seated at a restaurant hurting both wrists. She required surgery on both wrists, which left her with scars.

Trip And Fall Against Rite Aid

Plaintiff tripped and fell on a case of water at rite aid hurting his back.

Car Accident

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle when the driver of the vehicle lost control of the vehicle causing the vehicle to overturn.

Injury: spinal injury.

Case settled without the need for filing a lawsuit, putting more money in our clients pocket.

Medical Malpractice

Client had pre-existing chronic regional pain syndrome that was dormant. Client went into surgery to have her pain pump removed. During the procedure her dura was torn causing cerebrospinal fluid to leak. Doctor failed to timely treat the leak causing meningitis.

***This case came to us when prior counsel did not want to pay costs to have the case re tried and no other attorney was willing to accept the case.

Truck Accident

Our client was injured when a truck on the freeway cut him off causing a hip injury.

The police report put our client at fault for the collision.

The insurance company denied the claim.

We filed a lawsuit and fought to get the client justice and prove he was not at fault.

Car Accident

Our client was involved in a collision when a driver carelessly ran a stop sign and T-boned her.

The insurance company accepted liability but did not want to compensate our client fully for all of her medical expenses; her pain; suffering; loss of enjoyment of life; inconvenience; disfigurement; embarrassment; emotional distress; physical impairment; grief and anxiety.

Motorcycle Accident-Policy Limits Settlement

A vehicle hit our client while at a stop light causing a left foot fracture requiring a foot surgery.

Case was settled for policy limits without filing a lawsuit putting more money in clients pocket.

Sexual Assault-Policy Limits Settlement

Our client was sexually assaulted at a well known massage parlor in San Diego.

Case was settled shortly after filing a lawsuit for policy limits.

Confidential-Truck Versus Auto Collision Settlement

Rear-End Truck Collision resulted in the client requiring treatment for her neck and back. Treatment to date was $20,000.

Case was settled without need to file a lawsuit.

San Diego Jury Verdict-Car Crash

Client injured his neck in a collision and required pain management to manage his neck pain.

I was brought in three weeks prior to the initial trial date to act as trial counsel.

Defendant's Insurance company (Allstate's) final offer was $7,700.

San Diego Jury Verdict-Mcdonald's Hot Coffee

Our client received second degree burns when a McDonald's employee failed to securely fasten the lid on a cup of coffee prior to handing it to her at the McDonald's Drive through.

McDonald's refused to accept responsibility for two and half years and said our client is at fault.

San Diego Jury Verdict-Car Crash

Client had suffered disk bulges in the C5-C6 region of her spine. She had treated with a chiropractor for over two years. Defense did not dispute liability but disputed the extent and cause of our clients injuries. Defenses last offer was $12,500. The insurer was Farmers. We were hired 4 days before trial. We were able to extend the trial for approximately six weeks due to expert unavailability.

Defendant's Insurance company (Allstate's) final offer was $7,700.

Car Accident

Client was a passenger on the freeway involved in a crash with another vehicle and suffered an eye injury.

Car Accident

Client was injured in a T-Bone accident and injured his shoulder, which required surgery in the future.

San Diego Jury Verdict- Car Crash

Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck that became chronic.

Defense admitted liability but denied the extent and cause of the injuries and reasonableness and necessity of treatment.

Defense also denied our 998 offer to settle within policy limits of their insured for $100,000 sent on February 2018. Insurer was Wawanesa.

Update: After the Defense set aside the judgment in trial court, on behalf of our client we appealed the decision to the court of appeal. The court of appeal reversed the trial court decision.

With interests and costs, it increased the total recovery to $375,000.