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When you shake it you break it. Any slight movement of our brains can cause cognitive deficiencies and will have devastating and lasting effects in your life.

These injuries primarily come about by a blow to the head, slipping and falling and in car accident cases.


Brain injury cases are extremely difficult and need extreme care and caution. When there is a brain injury, however slight, whether it be a traumatic brain injury or a mild traumatic brain injury, the impacts on your life are enormous. The reason why these cases are extremely difficult is because they are most of the times “invisible” injuries. The injury generally does not show itself in a CT scan, or an MRI. In some cases, better scanning is needed to see the slight changes that have occurred in the wiring of the brain-called axons. The axons are cells that connect the brain. There are billions of them in each of our brains firing at any given time. When an axon becomes damaged because of an injury to the brain, depending on which area of the brain was impacted it could impact our cognitive, executive or emotional functioning.

Brain Injury
In addition, to the extreme care that a patient needs in cases like this, the costs to successfully litigate these cases are extremely high. Not to mention, to be able to fully recover on these claims, you would want an attorney on your side that is willing to go the distance and has the resources to fight the insurance companies. These injuries also have devastating effects on the clients marriages. The clients generally self-isolate and become very depressed.

Steps to take following your brain injury:

Any injury to your brain however slight can have devastating long term effects. Seeking treatment immediately is extremely important. But also, because of the evolutionary nature of these types of injuries, it is extremely important to make follow up appointments specifically with at least a neurologist on these cases.
It is helpful to document any behavioral, mental and emotional changes on brain injury cases.
Because of the nature of these injuries you want to take things slowly and make sure to follow all of your doctors recommendations.
It is never a good idea to speak with the at-fault parties insurance company. This is because anything you say to them is being recorded, and will be used against you. This is not to say that what you are saying to them is not true. The reality is, they will try to twist your words or take them out of context to later deny your claim.

How We Can Help

These cases require extreme care. At Rejali Law Firm because we care so much about our clients we only take a handful cases at a time. With brain injury cases, we have a dedicated person who will be helping you with your case and with any questions you may have. We understand the difficulties you are facing and are here for you every step of the way.

Common Brain Injuries:

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the severity of your injury the claim process can take anywhere between 1 to three years. Brain injury cases take longer due to the evolutionary nature of them. They have a tendency to not manifest themselves right away, and for that reason we generally have to wait to make sure you have stabilized before moving forward on any type of settlement discussion.
I’m sorry that they are doing that to you. Unfortunately, insurance companies rely on “objective” data and depending on the facts of your case, if they don’t have that objective data, they try to minimize your injuries. We understand the severity and gravity of these injuries and can help you with them. I would certainly recommend contacting an attorney that has dealt with brain injury cases in the past. These cases are not your average type cases and certainly require additional care and understanding. At Rejali Law Firm, we work very close with the clients and their families to bring justice to brain injured victims. Our brains are the most important organ in our bodies and any injury to it, however slight requires that the wrongdoer pay for all of the harms they have caused. If you suspect that you may have a brain injury, contact us. We are here to help you and make sure the insurance company pays every dime of what they did to you. Don’t let them minimize this injury by their misleading, and false propositions. They will go to great lengths to not pay on these claims.

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