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Were you at a bar or nightclub and were assaulted or battered (punched, kicked, slapped, pushed, shoved) by the security guards in San Diego? Unfortunately, we have dealt with more cases than we would want to arising out of conduct like this. 

Most of the times, these cases arise out of inadequate training that the security staff have received. Most bar and clubs do not do extensive background checks into the people they hire.

Steps to take following an assault or batter case:

Here are the top reason why you should hire a San Diego Assault and Battery Lawyer Right away if this has happened to you:

The most important piece of information in cases like this is the security footage. The problem with the footage is that, a letter needs to be sent out immediately after the incident took place to preserve that footage. This is because, there are many different types of security footage cameras out there and depending on the type that the establishment is using, the footage can be deleted if not preserved within a certain period of time.
Many times in cases like this, the security people that were working there at the time of the incident could not be working there anymore, either because they were fired or they chose to voluntarily leave the establishment. Its important to make sure that we preserve the evidence, so the sooner we get in there to file a lawsuit if need be, the better so we can move to preserve the evidence.
Depending on the severity of your injuries, its important for you to get medical care right away. If you do not have insurance, we will be able to refer you to doctors that are willing to care for you on a contractual basis. This means, they would defer their payment until your case has been resolved to get paid.

How We Can Help

Many times in cases like this, people are hesitant to contact an attorney because they think they were drunk and that could be held against them. Depending on the circumstances that may or may not be true. It certainly does not hurt to get a free case evaluation done.

Common injuries we see in a San Diego Assault and Battery Case:

Frequently Asked Questions

In cases like this in addition to being able to recover for past and future medical care and past and future pain and suffering, you may be able entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages are not compensatory damages. Meaning, they are not damages that are being awarded to you. Rather, they are damages to punish and deter the wrongdoer from committing the same type of harm in the future to someone else.
Depending on the circumstances, yes. To better evaluate your case, we would need to get the facts relevant to your case.
It depends. If for example the bar or club either knew about the propensities of the individual, or they saw that he was drunk and kept serving alcohol to him or they lacked sufficient security personnel at the club, then you may be able to collect. Call us for a free case evaluation. At the Rejali Law Firm, we are willing to go the distance to obtain justice for our clients. Contact us for your free case evaluation. Remember, you don’t owe us a penny, unless and until we win.

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