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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are not as straightforward as a car accident case. This is because of the inherent bias that exists within each of us about motorcyclists. Insurance companies try to capitalize on this and will try to minimize your claimed injuries as much as possible. These cases generally will require more attention and it becomes imperative that the right experts are hired to prove that you were not the at-fault party. 


1. Preserve any camera recording:

More and more motorcyclists now have cameras that are recording their ride. If this is the case, you want to make sure that you preserve this piece of evidence as it will be a crucial piece of information if the insurance company is disputing liability (saying that the accident is not their fault). This information can also become very handy for the experts we can hire on your case. The experts that we hire on a case like this are called accident reconstructionist. These experts usually have an engineering background. They go on the scene and take photographs of the scene, they will talk to you to get information on how the incident took place, and they will also consider all of the information that the other side has provided to us during your case. Once they have all of the information, they will be able to analyze and give their expert opinion based on science with variables such as distance, and speed on how the accident took place.

 2. Obtain a traffic collision report:

If you have been severely injured and have been taken to the emergency room, you want to make sure that a friend, or loved one follows up and obtains the police report. The police report is a key piece of evidence in determining who is at fault.

 3. Take photographs of the scene:

Make sure that you take photographs of the entire scene. This information is extremely crucial to make sure the exact area of where the accident is taken place is pinpointed. This information becomes very useful because if the insurance company denies your claim, it becomes very important to make sure you are able to show exactly where the incident happened. Often times, the exerts the insurance company hires try to change the location of the incident to change the facts in their benefit. That is one reason why this information is extremely important.

How We Can Help

We have one job. And that is to do everything in our power to make sure that you get the maximum amount of money for the injuries you suffered. We do this by hiring experts, sending you to the best doctors, guiding you, and most importantly by getting to know you. Mr. Rejali’s philosophy is that we can only represent our clients by getting to know them very closely. And he has embedded that in his firm. 

Common Injuries we see in a San Diego Motorcycle Accident 

Here are the common injuries we see in a motorcycle accident: 

  1. Head injuries

  2. Spine injuries

  3. Ankle injuries

  4. Lacerations

  5. Neck injuries

  6. Back injuries

  7. Shoulder injuries

  8. Wrongful death

  9. Knee injuries

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of damages am I entitled to recover?

Depending on the circumstances you are entitled to recover damages for 1) past and future medical care; 2) Past and future pain and suffering; 3) past and future lost wages and 4) Property damage. In some rare instances, you may also be entitled to punitive damages if for example the person who caused the harm was intoxicated when the injuries producing event happened. 

My motorcycle was one of a kind and I had also put a lot of money into it. Am I allowed to recover for the additional items? 

If you do have the receipts, or if you can show the parts that were damaged that you had placed on the motorcycle as a result of the accident, you may be able to recover those losses. 

The insurance company is offering to settle my case for $10,000, should I settle? 

No. Under no circumstance should you settle your case without having an attorney review the case. Insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind. Statistic shows claimant’s that have a personal injury lawyer prior to settling their claim on average receive four times as much than not having a personal injury lawyer. We strongly recommend that you contact a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer prior to signing and accepting any offer.  

We cannot stress how important it is that you hire the right personal injury law firm, that has the required resources to properly investigate, litigate and ultimately try these cases if need be. 

At Rejali Law Firm, we pride ourselves with going the distance and making every decision having our clients best interests in mind. Our consultations are free and you won’t pay us a penny, unless and until we win. Give us a call for your free case evaluation. 

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