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San Diego Immigration Lawyer

Our firms values are embedded in honesty, integrity, passion, diligence and the ability to act quickly to preserve and pursue our clients’ interests. Mr. Rejali’s passion lies in representing the repressed and he will do anything to get his clients the justice they deserve.

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San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Date: July 2015

Criminal Felony Domestic Violence

Description: Client on visa was not only facing a felony domestic violence, but also deportation from the country.

Result: Dismissed

San Diego Business Litigation Lawyer

Date: October 2014

Bahrami v. GIA et al.

Description: Client submitted stone for Grading to GIA. GIA withheld clients diamond by relying on a clause in their contract called "competing claims of ownership" and was alleging the diamond submitted for grading is the same or substantially similar one as a diamond reported stolen by a reporting party in New York.


Confidential Settlement.

San Diego Immigration Lawyer

Date: October 2015

Immigration-Removal Proceedings

Description: Client failed to file for removal of green card conditions. Despite the governments denial of agreeing to administratively close the proceedings, the court granted our motion for administrative closure.

Result: Administrative Closure Granted.

San Diego Immigration Lawyer

Date: August of 2016

Advance Parole


Client had initially gone to a notario-an individual who is a notary public and holds himself out to assist people on immigration matters. After receiving a RFE (Request for Evidence) client came to our office extremely worried about her advance parole document because she had been unable to see her family for over 15 years. 


Advance parole granted-Length of time less than 6 weeks. 

San Diego Deportation Defense

Date: May 2017

Immigration-Removal Defense


Client from Mexico. After two and half years, we were able to convince the judge that our client merits receiving cancellation of removal for non-legal permanent residence to remain here with her three U.S. citizen children. 


Cancellation of removal GRANTED. 

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Date: May 2017

Felony Drug and Child Endangerment


Client was charged with 4 felony drug charges and a felony child endangerment facing 8 years in state prison. The search warrants were sealed. After we were hired, our attorney, Omid Rejai, Esq. filed a motion to unseal the warrants which was granted by the court. 

Our client was also undocumented, which was a big concern for her and for us. After a 5 month battle we were able to convince the DA to dismiss all charges against her. 


Dismissal of all original charges filed against our client. Client plead to an amended count with no jail time. Best of all we were able to make sure that her chances of obtaining relief in immigration court were not tarnished. 

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Insurance (Bad Faith)

Barickman v. Mercury Casualty Company (2016) _ Cal.App.4th _ , 2016 WL 3975279: The Court of Appeal affirmed a judgment for plaintiffs for $3 million plus interest following a bench trial by reference in a bad faith case. Plaintiffs were seriously injured by an intoxicated insured of defendant who had minimum policy limits. Plaintiffs offered to settle with defendant carrier for the $15,000 policy limits, but defendant refused to settle because it would not agree to language plaintiffs’ counsel added to the release saying the release “does not include court-ordered restitution.” The referee properly ruled that defendant acted in bad faith in not accepting the policy limits demand, and it was therefore liable for the stipulated judgment of $3 million that its insured agreed to in a civil lawsuit (the insured assigned her rights against the carrier in exchange for the plaintiffs’ agreement not to attempt to collect the judgment against the insured). (C.A. 2nd, August 15, 2016.)

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