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San Diego Immigration Lawyer


The REJALI LAW FIRM's top rated San Diego Immigration Lawyer's have assisted countless clients in obtaining the results they deserve and will relentlessly fight for you. The Rejali Law Firm's San Diego Immigration Lawyer group also has great expertise in the areas of Business Litigation, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense. Our firms values are embedded in honesty, integrity, passion, diligence and the ability to act quickly to preserve and pursue our clients' interests.

WE LIVE to protect our clients RIGHTS. If you are seeking a top rated San Diego Immigration Lawyer for representation with any type of immigration matter, or if you have been charged with a crime, have been injured, or feel that your rights have been trampled, please give us a call! We would love to sit down at the Rejali Law Firm for a consultation. We are conveniently located in the heart of mission valley with plenty of FREE parking. If you cannot visit us at the Rejali Law Firm's San Diego office, start your consultation here!

Case Results

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San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Date: July 2015

Criminal Felony Domestic Violence

Description: Client on visa was not only facing a felony domestic violence, but also deportation from the country.

Result: Dismissed

San Diego Business Litigation Lawyer

Date: October 2014

Bahrami v. GIA et al.

Description: Client submitted stone for Grading to GIA. GIA withheld clients diamond by relying on a clause in their contract called "competing claims of ownership" and was alleging the diamond submitted for grading is the same or substantially similar one as a diamond reported stolen by a reporting party in New York.


Confidential Settlement.

San Diego Immigration Lawyer

Date: October 2015

Immigration-Removal Proceedings

Description: Client failed to file for removal of green card conditions. Despite the governments denial of agreeing to administratively close the proceedings, the court granted our motion for administrative closure.

Result: Administrative Closure Granted.

San Diego Business Litigation Lawyer

Date: May 2015

Salmanzadeh v. Saatchi et al.

Description: Jeweler allegedly promising investors 60% return on investment.


Judgment Entered by Court in Favor of Plaintiff in the amount of $38,681.93

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Date: April 2015


Description: We were able to obtain a grant of early termination of probation on behalf of our client despite our client having 16 months remaining to complete probation.

Result: Early Termination and Expungement Granted.

San diego immigration lawyer

Date: June 2016

U.S. Citizenship


Client was having difficulty traveling in and out of the country with his green card. On one occasion, our clients green card was taken away from him while he tried to enter the U.S.,  and the government was giving him the go around until we were able to finally get it back for him. After getting clients green card back we counseled client that he should apply for his U.S. citizenship so he could be protected from further government harassment and to protect himself from deportation should any charges be brought against him in the future. 

 Client was afraid that his prior criminal history might prevent him from obtaining U.S. citizenship. We attended the hearing with the client and explained to the officer why it should not have a bearing on our clients otherwise pristine moral character.   


U.S. citizenship granted. 

OFAC lawyer

Date: October 2016

Request for Specific License from OFAC


Iranian client was in need of a specific license to allow her to liquidate the shares that she owned in an Iranian Company. 

 The Iranian Transactions and Sanction Regulations, 31 C.F.R. part 560 (ITSR), generally prohibit the importation into the United States of any goods or services of Iranian origin or owned or controlled by the Government of Iran. ITSR 560.201. 

The ITSR authorizes a United States depository (i.e. a bank) or registered brokers or dealers to process transfers of funds to or from Iran, or for the direct or indirect benefit of persons in Iran of the Government of Iran, if the transfer arises from, and is ordinarily incident and necessary to give effect to, an underlying transaction that has been authorized by a specific or general license, as as section 560.543 of the ITSR, and does not involve debiting or crediting an Iranian account. ITSR, section 560.516. 


License granted. Length of time- 5 months. 

San Diego Immigration Lawyer

Date: April 2016

Change of Status H1-B to F


Clients husband and wife were in a critical situation and came to us for a change of status. In less than a week we were able to gather all the necessary documents and provide them to USCIS, just in time to prevent them from violating their H1-B visa. 


Approved. Length of time: 5 months. 

San Diego Immigration Lawyer

Date: August of 2016

Advance Parole


Client had initially gone to a notario-an individual who is a notary public and holds himself out to assist people on immigration matters. After receiving a RFE (Request for Evidence) client came to our office extremely worried about her advance parole document because she had been unable to see her family for over 15 years. 


Advance parole granted-Length of time less than 6 weeks. 

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Insurance (Bad Faith)

Barickman v. Mercury Casualty Company (2016) _ Cal.App.4th _ , 2016 WL 3975279: The Court of Appeal affirmed a judgment for plaintiffs for $3 million plus interest following a bench trial by reference in a bad faith case. Plaintiffs were seriously injured by an intoxicated insured of defendant who had minimum policy limits. Plaintiffs offered to settle with defendant carrier for the $15,000 policy limits, but defendant refused to settle because it would not agree to language plaintiffs’ counsel added to the release saying the release “does not include court-ordered restitution.” The referee properly ruled that defendant acted in bad faith in not accepting the policy limits demand, and it was therefore liable for the stipulated judgment of $3 million that its insured agreed to in a civil lawsuit (the insured assigned her rights against the carrier in exchange for the plaintiffs’ agreement not to attempt to collect the judgment against the insured). (C.A. 2nd, August 15, 2016.)

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