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The Truth Has a Magical Way of Finding Its Way to Get You Justice

By Omid Rejali, Esq.

In every case that I have been involved with, the truth has had a magical way of finding its way to obtain the client justice. As Nelson Mandela puts it: “No amount of rules or their enforcement will defeat those who will fight with justice on their side.”

Many clients understandably are extremely nervous about their cases. This is a completely natural phenomena since its not the average day when you find yourself involved in a lawsuit, only because the insurance company is trying to protect its coffers. To that end, the insurance company and their attorneys, fake doctors and experts will come up with the wildest theories to put the blame on you. So, their default position is to blame you.

On a recent case, the insurance company accepted 100% responsibility for their driver’s accident in San Diego. 2 years later, when it was time for them to pay, they chose to reverse that decision. Now, they are blaming the client for the accident and saying that she not only did not get injured in the accident, even if she did, she is exaggerating all of her injuries, and somehow her attorneys (me) am complicit in her case.

This is a strategy insurance companies take repeatedly, with the main goal to tire the client out, and be able to get her to accept half justice for something he/she has never caused.

In my experience, the truth always has a magical way of sneaking its head out at some point in the process. The unfortunate part is, it’s usually not until the time of trial when that could happen. Reason is because until then, you are dealing with an insurance adjuster-whose primary job is to protect the coffers of money and, an attorney who has been hired to create a “manipulated” version of the facts.

Generally, the insurance company and their attorneys are successful at doing that, until they have to put their manufactured and manipulated facts in front of 12 members of our community. And the best part is, most the time, although they are extremely professional at doing their jobs (i.e. manipulating facts), the truth does not stick its head out until the entire trial has been over and the case goes in the hands of the jury.

It’s at that time, and only at that time, that the 12 members of the community realize what they had put the client through with their preposterous ideas, manipulated facts, fake doctors and experts, and unfortunately even going as far as making their own client not tell the truth under oath.

The truth has a magical way of finding its way to get you justice. Don’t give up. Hang in there.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope this helps you.

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