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The insurance company for the party that caused the collision is denying my claim can i still be compensated?

Most of the times the answer is yes.

I say most of the times because in our experience most of the times the insurance companies deny many claims that should have not be denied in the first place. The reason? Money. The insurance companies are in the business of increasing profitability for their shareholders. They don’t care about anything else.

For that reason, if there is a slight chance that they can get away from not paying a claimant they will. We have handled many claims that the insurance companies have wrongfully denied in the beginning, however, later decided to change their mind and pay.

In our experience most of the times, the insurance companies base their evaluation and denial of such claims on a police report. There are many problems with relying on a police report in making an assessment of fault. For one the police were likely never there when the collision happened. Second, the report is on the basis of statements that the driver of the other vehicle has made. This can make the officers assessment faulty. There also may be other vehicle codes that the police may have not considered that in fact may put the party responsible instead of you.

For these reasons it’s important to contact a car accident lawyer who is familiar with these types of situations to make sure you are not wrongfully denied a claim.

We take on many tough cases and would be happy to evaluate your claim.

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