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This is an animated photograph of a human brain. The brain shows the different areas of the brain in different colors. The frontal lobe is colored red. The occipital lobe is colored in green and the parietal lobe is colored in yellow.

The Importance of Visual Aids in Your Brain Injury Case

By Omid Rejali, Esq.

Brain injuries can happen in a variety of ways. The number one way that you may get a brain injury is by a fall. Second to that is from a blow to the head. You may also get this type of injury as a result of a car wreck. The important thing to note with these types of injuries is that your head does not necessarily need to be impacted in anyway for you to get a head injury. You may get a head injury by the mere moving of your brain inside the skull as a result of a sudden stop in movement. Because these types of injuries are often “invisible,” to be able to bring the injury to light, it is extremely crucial to use visual aids throughout your case. Here are a few way you can do that.

Use Diagrams

You or your attorney can use diagrams to show how your brain was impacted as a result of an injury. Lets discuss this in a typical scenario of a rear-end car collision. When you are rear-ended by a vehicle, the forces from the vehicle that hits you (the bullet vehicle) propel your body and your brain to move forward. If the forces are sufficient this can cause your brain to move forward in your skull. Assuming you did have a seat belt on, what happens next is your body moving backwards and either hitting the head rest or not. This movement, which is commonly referred to as a “coup/countercoup” (the forward and backward movement) causes your brain to move inside the skull and hit the inside parts of your skull.

Usually, this type of injury does not show up on any type of imaging. And so, it becomes extremely crucial to be able to show to a jury, or an insurance company representative how you have been injured as a result of your collision by use of visual aids. We repeatedly use visual aids such as diagrams in our cases to prove our clients cases.

Use of Animation

Companies are now able to recreate what happened to you during your San Diego car accident by use of animation. These animation are a bit on the pricier side, but are a must if you want to be able to convince a jury or the insurance company of the mechanism of your injury (how the injury happened) and the extent of your injuries. We regularly use companies to assist our clients in showing their brain injuries.


Almost in every case where a brain injury is involved the defendants will try to use the bias that “since you can’t see it it must have not happened” in their favor. Because of this it is extremely important in your brain injury case to employ experts who will be able to testify to how this injury came about.

The type of expert that you would want to hire for your case to explain how your brain injury happened, is a biomechanical and or accident reconstruction expert. These experts use their backgrounds in physics, biology and mechanics to give their opinion based on the facts of your specific case to tell the jury or the insurance company representatives how your brain was injured in the incident.

Brain injuries are more common than you think and can have devastating, life long impacts on your health, well being and your ability to earn in the future. Do not under any circumstance take these injuries lightly and please make sure you have a reputable attorney on your side.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope this helps you.

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