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This is an MRI of a herniated disk. The photo shows a herniated disk in the lower back. The photo specifically shows three areas of disk herniations with green, red and yellow arrows.

The importance of getting an MRI immediately after your San Diego Car Accident

by Omid Rejali, Esq.

Herniated disks are one of the most common injuries in car accidents in San Diego. Unfortunately, time and time again I receive a phone call by a potential client late in their claim after they have had another lawyer who wants me to review their case and realize that no MRI has been taken.

An MRI should be taken in nearly every case as soon as possible following your San Diego car accident.

Here are four reasons why its important to have an MRI taken within 4 to 6 weeks following the accident:

  • It takes approximately 4 weeks for any inflammation to subside
    • It generally takes approximately 4 weeks for any inflammation to subside. Once the inflammation is gone it is important to have an MRI taken to see what damage (if any) has been done to your spinal cord, vertebra and/or disks.
  • Prevent insurance companies from making unreasonable arguments
    • Insurance companies love to argue that anything related to the spine is “degenerative,” which means it is as a result of the normal wear and tear of the body. The closer an MRI is taken to your San Diego car accident, the easier it is to prove that it is related to the accident and not something else.
  • Helps in proving your case
    • As part of your San Diego car accident case you need to prove that your injury were caused by the injury producing event or at least they contributed to them. An MRI can help you in your case to prove that the injury was caused by the accident.
  • Protect your claim from a subsequent injury producing incident
    • If after your initial injury you then get into a subsequent injury, it is always best to have an MRI from the first injury. This is because having an initial MRI will help prove that the injury was related to the first accident and not the second one. And also, it can help to show that if anything, the second accident actually made the initial injury worse, which you can still be compensated for.

Don’t wait to get an MRI. Contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer immediately following your accident so they can guide you through your case. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 619-887-4148 or text us at 619-485-6313 or fill out our form here and we will contact you.

Thank you for reading my blog I hope this information helps you.