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Steps To Take If You Are Involved In An Auto Accident In San Diego

Ever since the advent of automobiles, life has become much more convenient: trips that used to take days now only take hours, while whole neighborhoods have been optimized for the commuter (thereby allowing people to find work further away from their home).
However, with that convenience comes danger in the form of auto accidents that can occasionally lead to personal injury. The chance for potentially dangerous auto accidents is especially prevalent in large urban areas like here in San Diego, where there are many cars and pedestrians on the road at any given time. Getting into an accident is almost inevitable depending on what route you take through the metropolitan area, which is why it’s important to always have the information of a reputable auto accident lawyer. You need someone who knows traffic laws inside and out, but it’s also important for you to know what to do in the event of an accident at the scene.
auto accident

Let’s say that you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of an auto accident. Here are the following steps that you need to take in order to ensure your due remedy:

The first and foremost thing that anyone involved in an accident should do is to retrieve all pertinent information to the case. This includes proof of insurance, license plate number, and contact information of the other driver. It is imperative to get all of this information to serve as a sort of backup in the event that the other driver disputes your claim. If you find yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer (in the instance that your injuries are serious), then be sure to have it documented by a police officer. If a police officer is not available nearby at the time, then wait for one to arrive so that you can have someone to write your police report up. Taking pictures is key to providing evidence so that your auto accident lawyer can have something to cite for your case. Pictures are some of the most substantial pieces of evidence that you can gather, since many people tend to be visual believers. Also important is keeping conversation with the other driver to a minimum so as to not incriminate yourself and cause further confusion with your case.


When looking for a San Diego lawyer, make sure that your attorney knows traffic law and personal injury law. Finding a competent personal injury/auto accident attorney can be the difference between having all of your injury and repair bills covered, and footing the bill yourself. For your FREE and CONFIDENTIAL initial consultation contact the Rejali Law Firm. We will make sure that our attorneys will protect your rights and get you the recovery you deserve. 

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