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Spine injuries san diego car accident lawyer

Our spines are the bedrock of our body. One of the first organs that get formed when we are developing in the womb are our spines. They carry us through the day to day of our lives and are one of the most crucial components of our bodies. Spine injuries impact every facet of our lives. The small things that we never even would think about become an issue. These include, walking, bending, turning our neck, playing with our kids, sleeping. This is how insurance companies look at these injuries. They will claim that everything that happened as a result of the crash was as a result of degeneration. Degeneration is what our body goes through as a result of the normal aging process.

Steps to take following a spine injury:

Most of the times on cases like this, the client will go to an emergency room or their primary care doctor and only follow through with chiropractic care. It is crucial that at the earliest time possible for you to be able to get an MRI of your spine as soon as possible following the accident. This is important because if the MRI has positive findings it can be linked to the accident.
Make sure that you tell your primary care doctor and any other doctors you see that are related to your injury how the injury came about and also all the symptoms associated with it. If the same body part had been previously giving you issues, you want to make sure to explain how this is any different. Keep in mind, you need to show that the injury producing event made your previous complaints worse or that it contributed to them.
Spine Injury

How We Can Help

The way we win these cases is through the law and evidence. We guide our clients to get the right treatment. This includes obtaining MRIs after the accident. Depending if there has been a prior MRI, the doctors can then compare and contrast to see if there has been any changes. Even if there has been no changes. An MRI does not tell the entire story. If you are still having pain that you did not have before, that is another factor that a doctor can take into account in determining whether the accident made your condition worse. The insurance companies don’t get to get away by just claiming that what you have was all degenerative. The law also recognizes that we all go through the normal aging process, and it is exactly for that reason that it allows injured victims to recover as long as they can show that even if they had a prior condition, or that their spine had degenerated, the accident made the condition worse.

Common injuries related to your spine:

Here are the common injuries we see in car accidents:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We work with many of San Diego’s best doctors and can link you with them.
You don’t pay us any money unless and until we win, and if we don’t you won’t owe us anything.

Depending on the circumstances you are entitled to recover damages for

  • 1) past and future medical care;
  • 2) Past and future pain and suffering;
  • 3) past and future lost wages and
  • 4) Property damage.

In some rare instances, you may also be entitled to punitive damages if for example the person who caused the harm was intoxicated when the injuries producing event happened. At Rejali Law Firm, we obtained one of the largest soft tissue verdicts in 2019. Soft tissue claims, are claims that involve your muscles, ligaments, and joints. The insurance companies do not treat these cases seriously. We do, because we know the devastating impact it has on your life. Call us for your free case evaluation. Remember you won’t owe us a penny, unless and until we win your case.

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