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Sidewalk injuries

Because of the backlog of more than 50,000 uneven sidewalks, the city of San Diego is backlogged on being able to fix them and unfortunately more and more San Diego citizens or people who are visiting San Diego have been victims of injuries as a result of the city’s careless conduct.

These cases are extremely challenging and require you to have a San Diego personal injury that has handled these cases in the past and is willing to go the distance to help you. 


It’s really important to make sure you get the information including name, address and telephone number of any witnesses who may have witnessed your trip and fall. This information can be critical to your case because those witnesses could be people who live in the area and may have reported the issue in the past or have seen others also trip and fall in the area, which would help you in your case.
You want to make sure you take as many photographs as possible. If you have been taken by an ambulance, if someone was with you, make sure that they take as many photographs as possible. You want to also make sure that they take photos from different angles and at exactly the same time as when the incident took place. Even better if they can take a ruler out with them to measure the discrepancy in the uneven sidewalk if that is the case. This information will be critical later on in your case when you need to prove that the safety hazard was not something that was small, but rather was something that could hurt other people and should have been remedied.
Depending on where you fell you want to report it. If you fell close to an apartment building you want to make sure you report it to them. You also want to obtain the management’s information and make sure you memorialize everything they told you in writing in an email back to them. This information will be critical later on if they chose to take a different stance as they normally do once their attorney’s get involved.

How We Can Help

We will employ investigators and experts on your behalf to go out and document the area and ask questions from any other people in the area with respect to the area you fell. Liability for sidewalk injuries generally rest with the City of San Diego. To bring a claim against the city you must notify them within 6 months of the event happening. We will make those claims and will handle all of the legal aspects of your case for you, so that you can focus on getting better. 

Why Choose Us?

Mr. Rejali has a proven track record and has built a reputation on handling some of the most difficult cases. He strongly believes that he is born to get you justice and to that end you will be assured that if he takes on your case, he will make sure that you obtain justice. To contact us you can call us at 619-887-4148 or send us a text message at 619-485-6313.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordinarily, the city of San Diego is the responsible party.
The claims will last between 18 months to 3 years. This is because the City heavily defends these types of cases. Whether you can win will depend on many factors. These cases involve many different legalities and will require a thorough evaluation by a San Diego Personal Injury lawyer.

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