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Emotional injuries

Emotional trauma’s can be more debilitating than most physical injuries. Most physical injuries will heal and there can be a cure for them that can treat or make them better. On the other hand, an emotional trauma that has arisen either through a San Diego car accident; a trip and fall; a brain injury; as a result of sexual abuse can have life-long effects on the human mind, body and spirit. Our founder Omid Rejali is no stranger to emotional trauma as he has battled with it for most of his adult life.


Seek medical attention. I have dealt with these type of cases and understand the pain that it can cause. Especially since they are not physically visible and to others it may feel like you are faking it, or worse yet you are suffering alone. Make sure you receive medical attention immediately.

Keep a diary. Keep a diary of how the incident is impacting you emotionally and mentally. This can help you later to persuade the insurance company, their attorneys or a jury of your peers on how the injury has been impacting you. It also can help you with the recovery process as writing has a healing effect. 

Create a strong support group. If you don’t have one ask your primary care doctor to provide you with a list of support groups that can help you. Having a support group of other people who are suffering is an invaluable tool to know that you are not alone in your recovery.
Emotional injuries

How We Can Help

We will take over your case from the beginning and will guide you through all the steps. We can help with linking you with doctors so that you can focus on getting better. I understand the devastation that these type of injuries can bring about, and we will handle everything so you can focus on getting better.

Common emotional injuries:

Outside of his practice Omid is a strong advocate for mental and emotional injuries through his foundation and enjoys helping people who have suffered emotional injuries through no fault of their own.


At Rejali Law Firm we pride ourself on going the distance. You don’t pay us a penny unless we win. We look forward to hearing from you. You can call us at 619-887-4148 or send us a text message at 619-485-6313 for your free case evaluation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To the eyes of the insurance company unfortunately not so much. However, that being said we have successfully been able to convince the insurance companies through hiring specialists that these injuries are real and could have a life-long impact. For these types of injuries you definitely want to hire a San Diego personal injury lawyer who understand the depth of your injury.
Depending on the extent of the harm it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.
Yes. Whether you have insurance or you don't we can link you with some of the best specialists that can help you with your case with no upfront out of pocket costs.

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