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How the Insurance Companies Belittle Your Neck Injury and How to Overcome Their Lies

By Omid Rejali, Esq.

The insurance companies and their attorneys love to come up with these wild ideas of how you are not injured. They will go to great lengths including changing the entire narrative of your injury. They change the narrative of the injury by trying to place it in a made up category.

One such “made up” category is the often used “soft tissue” injury. In my experience, this is most wildly used “made up” category by the insurance companies, their attorneys and their fake doctors to belittle your injury.

It usually comes up in the context of when your injury is not seen to the naked eye and so it gives them more ammunition to exploit it. Or if it is, they try to attribute it to anything else, but to the injury producing incident. Almost every-time in cases like this, the insurance company’s “soft tissue” made up story equates to your injury being only a result of a “sprain/strain.” You always have to be weary when they try to lump terimonologies together as they do here. There are reasons why we have two separate words to define such a thing. A strain and a sprain are completely two different things. A neck sprain involves the ligaments in your neck where a neck strain involves muscles and tendons. As anything else in our body, everything has its own function and, lumping the injuries together is misleading.

How to overcome this “Falsehood”

The first thing that you should be looking at in a situation like this is the x-ray that was taken after the crash. Generally, the x-rays will show that you have likely lost the curviture in your neck-called the “lordosis” of your neck. This is what generally generates pain.

There could be other pain generators as well. You should work closely with your primary care doctor and, certainly request to be seen by an orthopedic specialist who can further assess your injury. Often times, there could be other pain generators associated with your neck-such as a disk herniation or a facet injury.

Bottom line

The insurance companies, their attorneys and their “fake” doctors-and to be clear I call them “fake” because they are hired by the insurance companies year-round, paid millions of dollars a year; to come into court and give their “opinion” about your injuries. There is no doctor-patient relationship between you and them and, they can mislead and even go as far as lying in court and getting away with it; have one objective in mind and that is to belittle your injury; help the insurance company pay as less money as possible and, play on the bias of personal injury lawsuits and lawyers.

Don’t let them bully you into their nonsense rhetoric.

I hope this information helps you.

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