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Don’t Let these Insurance Company Traps Prevent You From Getting Full Justice for Your Injury Claim

By Omid Rejali, Esq.

The insurance companies and their attorneys are masters of their craft. The attorneys have been hired to do one thing-save the insurance company money at all cost.

Here are three ways the insurance companies and their attorneys try to not pay you what the real value of your case is worth and, it begins from the moment you make your claim.

1) Deny

Depending on the facts of your case, the insurance company in consultation with their attorneys will determine if there is any chance at trying to create a defense. If so, your claim will be denied.

All they need to create a defense, is a reasonable belief that they can manipulate the facts and use bias to try to create an entirely new story about how the events took place. This can include speaking to their client and, believe it or not telling them to lie to make the narrative “fit” into their defense.

2) Delay

Once they have denied your claim, the case falls into the second and more frustrating part of the process-the delay game.

On average pre-covid lawsuits would take between 18 to 24 months to get resolved. During this time, the insurance company attorneys will try to dig up anything to cast doubt on your credibility and picture you as a liar, a cheat and a fraud. They resort to this because they know through studies there are many jurors that are weary of personal injury lawyers and, personal injury lawsuits.

Another reason, why they do this is to try to tire you out so you will settle your case for cheap. This is where having a personal injury lawyer that is willing to go the distance and knows the full value of your case, including trial value is extremely important.

3) Distract

Once the insurance company representatives realize that you are not backing down and, the case is likely headed towards trial, they start hiring their biased experts including doctors, which they pay millions of dollars, to come into court and, using the facts and narrative that the insurance company defense lawyers created try and fool the members of our jury system.

Don’t let these insurance company traps prevent you from getting the money that you need and deserve for the injuries caused by the hands of someone else.

I hope this blog helps you.

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