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Can a trial attorney get you more money for your San Diego injury Claim?

By Omid Rejali, Esq.

The short answer is: probably yes.

Generally speaking trial attorneys are able to get you a higher settlement and know what the real value of cases are.

I say “real” value because there is a distinction between “insurance company” value, which looks at its interests and paying you as less money as possible versus jury value, which looks at you as their equivalent and based on the evidence will follow the law to provide you with what is just and fair.

A trial lawyer can also add value to your case because many attorneys do not try cases and insurance companies know that, and because of that offer them less money. As a trial attorney I generally don’t get involved in the case until the case is very close to trial. Many times what also happens is the insurance company may have been playing games and low balling you and your attorney and it is not until the trial attorney steps in, when they choose to increase their offers.

If this has happened to you, there are ways to also even get you more money above and beyond what the insurance companies policy limits are (I will talk about this in further detail in a later blog). But suffice it to say, that the insurance companies don’t have a right to belittle you, your injuries and throw you low ball offers in the hopes that they will tire you out in the process and wait till the last minute to provide you with everything they have. That conduct amounts to bad faith claim handling and can open the door to further liability on their part.

Trial attorneys are very familiar with these tactics and care deeply about their clients, the cause of justice, and holding the wrongdoers accountable. Trial lawyers strongly believe that they have been called to make the world a better and more just place and know that the only place that can be put on display is in a courtroom in front of 12 people of your peers.

If you are considering settling your case and you have already been dragged through the case for 2 or 3 years and are close to your trial date, I highly recommend that you speak with a trial attorney because they may be able to get you more money.

I hope this blog is helpful to you. If you have any questions please call my office at 619-887-4148, send me a text at 619-485-6313 or email me directly at

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