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3 Reasons Why You Should Speak With A Trial Lawyer Before Accepting A Settlement

By Omid Rejali, Esq.

You’ve been injured, you hire an attorney, you seek treatment, and now its time to settle your claim with the insurance company. Are you getting the full value of your claim? Here are three reasons why you should speak with a trial lawyer prior to accepting a settlement.

1) Trial lawyers have a better understanding of the value of your claim

Trial lawyers are story tellers. To be able to tell your story, trial lawyers have to get to know you inside and out. What trial lawyers understand and the law also recognizes is that we are all unique humans, and for that reason no one has a right to take away from us our health, and cause us pain, suffering, disfigurement and loss of enjoyment of life. And if they do, they will have to pay for it. Remember, no amount of money will replace that, however, a jurors job is to put a valuation on that. A trial lawyer knows that, and by getting to know you, will be able to better assess the value of your personal injury claim.

2) A fresh set of eyes always adds a different perspective

As trial lawyers, we usually come into the case when the case is ready to go to trial. Having come in later, it allows the trial lawyer to take a look at all of the facts from an outsiders view, and based on his experience, and training and prior trial results give a better prediction on how much the value of your claim may be.

3) Trial lawyers care

Trial lawyers care. This is not to say your own attorney does not care. Trial lawyers however have a burning desire to make sure the insurance company pays what has been rightfully taken from you. This also is not to say that every case should go to trial. What trial lawyers care about however is to make sure that the insurance company pays for all the harms and losses you have suffered.

In conclusion, prior to accepting a settlement offer it would not hurt to speak to a trial lawyer to make sure you are receiving the full value of your claim. Thank you for reading my blog.


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