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The E2 nonimmigrant visas are U.S. investment visas that enable an individual to work in the United States of America if he or she makes an investment, which remains under his or her control, while he or she is in the country. This is a visa that is renewed every two years. These U.S. investment visas are only available to citizens of the treaty countries, which do not include India, Brazil, China, or Russia. The treaty can include that of commerce, navigation, or friendship. This has been implemented to promote investment and trade from those countries. Individuals or businesses from these countries are eligible to apply for the E2 non-immigration visas.

The amount of investment required for the non-immigrant visas depend on the type of business or start-up which is being planned. This investment must be substantial enough that the venture is capitalized by it. U.S. investment visa holders must return to their country of origin when the business is concluded. They can stay on in the United States upon changing the status of their visa or obtaining an extension so long as they can show the business is still operational. With the E2 non-immigration visas, dependents of the visa holder can also stay and study in the country, if they are below 21 years of age.

Applications for the E2 nonimmigrant visas should be made at the Consulate or U.S Embassy which has jurisdiction where the applicants permanently reside. It would be in your own best interest to employ the services of a San Diego E2 visa lawyer for smooth processing of your non-immigrant visas. There are several San Diego Iranian immigration attorneys who are well versed in the process behind the U.S. investment visas. The San Diego visa attorney will not only ensure that your non-immigrant visa gets processed in time, but that your investment is also protected.

Because the filing and procedure for application of a U.S. investment visa is complicated, hiring a San Diego E-2 visa lawyer will make the whole process less complicated. While there is no minimum amount of investment stipulated in the U.S. investment visa process, the lesser the investment amount, the more likely the application will be rejected. This investment must be for a business that is already in operation. Speculative businesses do not qualify. This business can be a start-up, a new one, or an existing business. A major part of the investment must be given prior to even applying for the E2 non-immigration visa.

The advice of a good San Diego Iranian immigration attorney would be crucial in a case like this when there are a lot of factors to take into consideration even before applying for the U.S. investment visa. A good business plan is essential and has to be included in the visa application form. Whether the visa is accepted or rejected will also depend a great deal on the merits and quality of the business plan, especially since officials read hundreds of business plans every day when deciding on whether or not to pass the E2 non-immigration visas.

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