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On November 20th, 2014, President Obama announced that those undocumented immigrants that have been living in the United States for the past five years, have a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident child and can pass a background check will be able to remain in the country for three years.

Although this is only a piecemeal fix for our MUCH broken immigration laws, it at least allows a lot of families to remain with one another, and not to be constantly in fear of deportation.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that, neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate cares about the million of undocumented immigrants that have been living in this country for years and have been catering to our needs. All they care about is their own interests, which in my opinion is to be able to control the country without allowing anyone else entering in.

Let me explain a bit further, we are a nation of immigrants. Our country has little over 500 years of history, yet we are the most powerful country on earth. The entire reason for our country’s growth and economic strength is due in large part to all the immigrants we have in the country, either working for us in different industries or studying here and ending up remaining in this country to spur economic growth, entrepreneurship and diversity.

So one comes to questions why is it that congress is so opposed to an immigration overhaul bill? Well the answer lies on who controls congress. It is well established that when a party, group, or people have power or control over something, they would not like to lose that control or power. If congress passes a bill, which would give the immigrants any type of status they could potentially, generations down the line allow different factions to take over the countries legislative policies.

For now however, President Obama has acted from well within his powers to alleviate a huge problem that we have in this country. The problem of our immigration system and policies is much more complex and involves many different interests. Breaking immigration laws by overstaying a visa or entering the country is one thing, making money on the stock market for having people locked up is on a different level. I hope one day all that would change.

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